Who are we?

Dos Aguas is a Spanish, independent consulting firm based in Spain and Sweden

Our goal...

...is to make the Spanish market more accessible to foreign investment in an efficient way. We provide personalized services to companies that either want to enter the Spanish market, or have already done so but are seeking to expand their business. Dos Aguas consists of a group of experts with backgrounds in international business, economy, and law, with experience from the public sector as well as the private sector. We have worked both in- and outside of Spain, gathering the necessary knowledge and experience in Spanish customs, law, and administration to help you meet your business goals.

Our vision...

...is to continue growing in the number of clients, workers and collaborators, as well as to expand our network both nationally and internationally to become a consultancy firm benchmark.

Our Values

Customer Commitment
The success of Dos Aguas is directly linked to our customers. We are committed to offering the services that best suit your needs to achieve your goals together. Honesty, coherence, and transparency prevail in the relationship with our clients, which allow us to build lasting business relationships.
We are a group of professionals from different sectors and countries. For us it is fundamental to have a multidisciplinary and international team given that it is the way to understand our clients and to offer them a service that is as personalized and adjusted to their business culture as possible.
Having the support of other market players is a way to enrich, grow and achieve the necessary innovation in order to provide the best service.​ Therefore, we work with people from different markets and sectors. We have the capacity to adapt to each case and situation, offering a highly competitive work. Our contact network includes specialists from different sectors, both nationally and internationally.